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01 September 2009 @ 05:40 pm
Final Fantasy VII: Zero {English}  
o_O You may or may not have seen this released but now its one the site! finally. aDS@WQD# I love this circle so much <3

Title: Zero
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pages: 50
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Reno/Rufus
Language: ENGLISH
Scanner: deliranteverse
Kindly translated by kazeyumi of sugarparade


*only the Megaupload version is up! Either comment if you need another download link or wait a day or two until the Direct Downloads are up!

Genghis Kat: Karneval - Hirato is a PIMPkat8cha on September 2nd, 2009 01:08 am (UTC)
Looks nice! Thank you!
chikichiki_gaan on September 2nd, 2009 07:30 am (UTC)
The art looks so nice!! Thanks fo your hard works!!^^
樱樱美代子fantasia0829 on September 2nd, 2009 11:14 am (UTC)
Thanx! :D
reicheruchanreicheruchan on September 2nd, 2009 01:20 pm (UTC)
thank you so much!
kothithelegu on September 3rd, 2009 05:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :) Love FF7 djs!
zorosanzorosan on September 11th, 2009 06:23 pm (UTC)
You guys are amazing, thank you so much for doing this!
kandy_skull on June 9th, 2010 03:48 pm (UTC)
oh ma oh ma oh ma gooooood!!
i luv so muuuuuuux this circle!!!
is one of ma favourites!!! x3

thanx a lot 4 shariiing!!
yaocihuatlyaocihuatl on November 24th, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you !!!
Final fantasy doujinshis rocks!!
theinheritorstheinheritors on January 2nd, 2011 06:45 am (UTC)
uh. yes please. I would like a link ;o
mizukisama12mizukisama12 on February 9th, 2011 12:08 am (UTC)
Would you mind giving me the link? please and thank you
ceru-chanceru_chan on April 18th, 2011 01:20 pm (UTC)
Hi, could you put up another download link? This link isn't working T.T It looks gorgeous and I really want to read it. Thanks!
Andrei: noooooandrei_chan on November 24th, 2011 04:31 am (UTC)
Hi, i wanna ask for the link, because this is broke. I'm glad if you can send me another for mp :)
Thanks a lot.

Another thing is, Some time ago, I translated 5 of your doujin into spanish, they are from Kyou Kara Maou, do you want to put it them here too? If you want, tell me and i'll send you the links at the moment. :)
eatenbananasplitallyouhaveisme on November 25th, 2011 09:10 am (UTC)
hello! I, too, would like an alternate link; thank you for the upload and scanlation (all parties involved-!) and IT LOOKS SO PRETTY *o*
Dizzy-noodlesDizzy4483 on January 9th, 2012 09:32 pm (UTC)
Zero doujinshi link broken
Hiya please could you send me the link for this? The one on the page seems to be broken! Thanks :)
abichuela magicamaskerpa on September 23rd, 2013 03:11 am (UTC)
woooooooo this one is pretty awesome <3 thanks a lot for sharin'
Arthur Gregory G. Shintop_seunghyun on February 26th, 2014 04:28 pm (UTC)
Link is broken
Is there any other way to download this?