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No one is more surprised than I am that we actually got this project done. We haven't done anything Reborn/Lambo since our 1st release as a doujin scanlation group but I couldn't resist asking my translator to do this one. We are also currently working on "Spell Magic" so you can look forward to seeing it soon~

Please, enjoy <3

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Okay, okay, It MAY have taken us a white but we have finally finished up the next installment in the Wolf!Hibari/Rabbit!Tsuna Story <3

Done for a Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TSUNA~ Please ENJOY!

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11 October 2009 @ 12:21 pm
XD at the prompting of the hitman_reborn community, I spent all of yesterday finishing up this project. Yes, I know...projects are slow at coming out but we're trying~

This is our first all color doujin. I'm pretty proud of it so I did a full SFX scanlation (which is partly why it took so damn long -_-;;). Thank you very much epicsoup for translating this. It's gorgeous & to fully understand the whole doujin, I would recommend reading it more than once.

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Now, these are all the announcements I forgot to put up AND the last post of the day! FINALLY~ Lets get this out of the way so you can enjoy me not spamming you & all of our wonderful releases!


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01 September 2009 @ 05:50 pm
...*dies* if I have to post anymore to this community, I may ending up dying. My hands are numb from formating & typing. Okay, last post of the day. THis is going to have both our list of finished Joint Projects!

*These have all been released already but Mirusmayhem has finally gotten around to post them up on our site.

Here goes:

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Okay, this is our last *new* release and this one was done by popular demand. I bring you Kuroshitsuji! <3 Very gorgeous, very smutty. XD of course

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01 September 2009 @ 05:40 pm
o_O You may or may not have seen this released but now its one the site! finally. aDS@WQD# I love this circle so much <3

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01 September 2009 @ 05:30 pm
One of the most gorgeous doujins out there for this pairing, I bring you 10069 because there needs to be more 10069 doujins out there! I know this one has already been scanlate by someone else but we wanted to wait until we've had our 69th release to do this one (we kind of missed it -_-;;)

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I'm sure 90% of you guys would disagree with me here but I consider this one of my favorites releases of the KHR fandom because regular hentai or even PG straight pairing doujins are very hard to find. I'm really glad our group decided to do this one (thank you, rabieskatten)!

SO, just as warning: STRAIGHT DOUJIN HERE!

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